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Social Media Comparison Infographic

Editor’s Note: We will attempt to keep this updated roughly every six months. Check back for updated statistics. All previous versions are archived at the end of this article. buy followers for instagram Thanks to everyone who has contributed feedback to keep this graphic as accurate as possible. With all of the various social media outlets that people are using these days, we thought it would be nice to come up with an infographic that breaks down each of the most popular social outlets into digestible snippets demonstrating advantages of each and how they can be best utilized. Learn how to best leverage each platform with this social media comparison infographic. Enjoy!

social media

The Awesome Growth Of Social Media

We are living in the digital era and social media is undoubtedly integrated to our daily life, so much so that, seeing this trend from a funny perspective, one can say thatbuy active instagram followers people check their personals profiles and share content on Facebook and Twitter before they brush their teeth and have a shower in the morning. Last year, the use of social media reached 1 billion users worldwide and so far 2013 indicates that the growth is no where close to slowing down. Facebook is still the most popular on line place for users to get connected worldwide and Twitter, according to the study conducted by Global web Index, is still the fastest growing social network by active users. Summarizing the study, the following interesting social media facts, statistics and figures for this year have arisen.

Social Media Business Case Studies and Statistics

Please comment below and share your thoughts and experiences with social media. Any amazing case studies or statistics you’d like to add? Or perhaps first-hand experience on how do i buy instagram followers the impact social media has created for your small business? Would love to hear your input as my presentation is ever-changing as social media continues to evolve and create incredible opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs. If you found this presentation helpful, please share it with your social networks and/or kindly comment below. 



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